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Children First Act 2015

​The Children First Act 2015 was enacted on 19th November 2015 and commenced on 11th December 2017. The Act places additional obligations on providers of certain services to children.  

The safeguarding of children is important to us. We are committed to taking all possible steps to protect children from harm and safeguard them during the course of their interaction with any area of our Department.  While we have very limited direct interaction with children, in order to ensure we meet our obligations under The Children First Act 2015 and under Children First Guidelines, we have developed a Child Safeguarding Statement.

The Children First Act 2015 includes a statutory obligation on Government Departments to prepare and publish a Sectoral Implementation Plan. The DCCAE Sectoral Implementation Plan outlines measures that have been put in place in the Department with a view to ensuring compliance with The Children First Act 2015 and with the Children First Guidelines. 

The Corporate Governance Division, Human Resources Division and Corporate Services Division are responsible for ensuring that the policies and procedures outlined in the Child Safeguarding Statement are in place and operating effectively within our Department. They must also ensure that any service specific risks are identified, and that additional policies and procedures are developed, implemented and reviewed as necessary to manage these risks. 

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