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Our Structure


The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment is democratically accountable for policy and activity in the department. The Minister is responsible for the implementation of Government policies under the jurisdiction of the department, and is responsible to Dáil Éireann for the effective administration of the Department. The Minister brings appropriate legislation and information to Government and answers to the Dáil through parliamentary questions and other means. The Minister also represents the Irish Government in relevant European Union Councils and other international fora.

Secretary General

The Secretary General manages the department. He is the senior civil servant and non-political head of the department. His job is to oversee the day-to-day management and non-political strategic planning and direction of the department. The Secretary General is the Accounting Officer and is responsible for safeguarding the funds under the control of the department. He is also responsible for ensuring economy and efficiency in the running of the department. .

Management Board

The Management Board (MB) is an advisory and decision-making forum that assists with the management of the department. The role of the MB is to assist the Secretary General in the formulation and management of policies and programmes. The MB also assists in the development and improved performance of the organisation. MB meetings take place weekly and the Secretary General chairs these meetings. Membership comprises of four assistant secretaries and a representative from Human Resources and Finance.