Light Blue Area

My house is located in a LIGHT BLUE area, what does this mean for me?

Homes or businesses in LIGHT BLUE areas are part of eir's 300k rural deployment. In April 2017 eir signed a commitment agreement with the  Department that they will provide 300,000 homes and businesses in rural Ireland with access to high speed broadband.

As part of the April 2017 NBP Map update these 300,000 premises were moved from the AMBER State Intervention area into the LIGHT BLUE area on the Map.

Will the 300k rural deployment reach me?

If your home or business is in a LIGHT BLUE area you are included in eir's deployment.  Check the website to find out when the 300k deployment will roll out in your area.

My house is represented by a BLUE dot in a LIGHT BLUE area, what does this mean for me?

Updates are made regularly to the NBP Map to reflect the progress made in the previous quarter. If your premises has been passed by eir it will change from LIGHT BLUE to BLUE on the NBP Map.

You can now contact a Retail Service Provider to order a service.

A list of providers currently offering retail services on eir's new network is available at

If you have any problems getting connected, please contact the NBP customer service at or 01 678 2160.

What type of service will I get from the rollout?

open eir's 300k rural rollout is primarily a fibre to the home (FTTH) service. It is possible to have speeds of up to 1,000Mbps (1 Gigabit) download depending on the contract chosen. You can read more about it on openeir's website.

Does the NBP map use GIS and can I get a copy of the data?

The NBP map uses GIS and we can supply copies of the map layer. Please contact the NBP team at

How can I make a complaint about service from my current provider?

Complaints about the service provided are usually between you and the service provider and are subject to the terms of service of your contract with them.  If you have an issue with your broadband provider the first point of contact is the provider's customer service department.

If you have done everything you can to solve your issue with the customer service department and you're still not happy, you can contact the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) for help.

Any issues with service provision, including problems with quality of service, are the responsibility of ComReg.

ComReg is the independent body that issues licences to broadband service providers and investigates complaints to make sure that companies are delivering services in line with their licence obligations.

ComReg contact details:

Phone - 01 804 9600
Online - 
Email -