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Internet Governance

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Internet governance concerns the development and application of shared principles, procedures and mechanisms that inform and affect how the internet functions and how people use the internet. The Department engages in a variety of fora contributing to the discussion and shaping of internet governance policy. 

Key topics

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbering (ICANN) performs key technical functions of the Internet by coordinating the allocation and assignment of the three sets of addresses for the Internet (Domain Name System (DNS); Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and autonomous system (AS) numbers; and Protocol port and parameter numbers), holding the central root name server system, and coordinating policy development related to these technical functions.
The Department represents Ireland’s interests in the European Commission’s High Level Group on Internet Governance (HLIG) and attends meetings of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Government Advisory Committee (GAC) engaging with and contributing to the development of proposals for the transfer of stewardship of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions to the multistakeholder community and the creation of enhanced accountability measures for ICANN. This process and the multistakeholder model it represents are particularly significant in the context of broader discussions of internet governance and respective roles and responsibilities of States and other parties. ICANN54 will take place in Dublin in October 2015.
The United Nations’ World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) agenda was based on the recognition of a growing digital divide between the developed and developing world, the need to address the underlying causes of this divide, and to find solutions to bridge the digital divide at a global level. The WSIS+10 review process will culminate later this year in New York at the UN General Assembly High-level Meeting on Overall WSIS+10 Review. The Department is engaged in high-level discussions, alongside the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade & the Department of Justice and Equality, to contribute to the successful outcome of this review process.
EuroDIG & the IGF
The Department participates in the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) engaging in pan-European dialogue on issues of internet governance, and discusses topical issues and exchanges views on best practice at Internet Governance Forum (IGF) meetings. 
​Domain Names 

The ".ie" domain is the name under which Irish companies whose website or email addresses end in .ie are listed on the internet. Ireland's ".ie" domain name is managed and operated by a not-for-profit company, IEDR, which was established by UCD in 2000. UCD remain as the "sponsoring organisation" in respect of the delegation of the domain name.  The Department and the Communications Regulator (ComReg) have regulatory authority in this area.