Better Energy Programme

The Better Energy Programme is the umbrella for a number of Government schemes that provide full or partial grants to households. These schemes allow households to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes.  The Better Energy Programme is administered by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) .

Better Energy Homes provides grants to homeowners to upgrade their homes with energy efficiency measures. This results in reduced energy use, costs and green house emissions.  This scheme is open to all owners of dwellings built prior to 2006. 

Better Energy Warmer Homes scheme delivers a range of free energy efficiency measures free of charge to low income households who meet he defined eligibility criteria and who are vulnerable to energy poverty.

Eligibility - Homes that previously received works under the scheme are not currently eligible for a second visit, consideration will be given to revisiting these properties later in 2019, where feasible and appropriate.

The Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme is eligible for co-funding from the European Union under the Regional Operation Programme 2014-2020.