Protection for Energy Customers

​Energy Engage Code

"This code of practice is a first step in that direction. It creates new mechanisms to help customers having difficulty with their energy bills and gives a very simple, clear commitment from energy suppliers to consumers - if you engage with your supplier your energy supply will not be cut off."

Minister of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.


In May 2014, The government launched "The Energy Engage Code".  Under the 'Energy Engage Code', suppliers will guarantee that no customer engaging with them will be cut off. They will seek to identify vulnerable customers at an earlier stage. They will treat each customer individually, with realistic and achievable payment plans offered to any customer in difficulty. The new Code will be independently audited to ensure that all energy suppliers are complying with it.


Other Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) Protections 

CRU has a statutory obligation to ensure that a high standard of protection for final customers exist in the electricity and gas markets.  CRU's Supplier's Handbook sets out the minimum service levels that electricity and gas suppliers must provide to their customers. These include the area of disconnections, Pay-As-You-Go meters and vulnerable customers.  Suppliers must also facilitate a consumer who wishes to nominate a third party represent them. 

Further information on all areas of CRU's Consumer codes.