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Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan Meetings

​​​​​​​​​​​​Realisation of Ireland's ORE potential and delivery of the OREDP actions requires coordinated support across Government departments, state agencies and bodies. To ensure efficient and effective cross-Government cooperation an Offshore Renewable Energy Steering Group (ORESG) was established to manage the implementation of the plan across the following three work streams:

  • Environment
  • Infrastructure
  • Job Creation & Growth

For each work stream a dedicated OREDP Working Group was established, with oversight provided by the ORESG. The ORESG is chaired by the DCCAE and includes representation from Government departments and agencies. As well as overseeing the implementation of actions that fall within the remit of the DCCAE and other cross-government actions the ORESG holds separate regular plenary sessions, typically immediately after formal meetings of the Group, with external stakeholders including industry representative groups. As their work is closely aligned the Environment and Infrastructure Working Groups frequently meet in joint session. The minutes of the ORESG and minutes of the Working Groups can be found in the table below.​

​Minutes of Steering and Working Group Meetings
ORESG​​ORESG External Stakeholders

ORESG Joint Environment/


Working Group

​ORESG Job Creation
Working Group
​16 April 2018​16 April 201811 April 201825 July 2018
02 October 201802 October 201824 July 201803 December 2018

13 November 2018