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Code of Practice for Wind Energy Development in Ireland

​This Code of Good Practice is intended to ensure that wind energy development in Ireland is undertaken in observance with the best industry practices, and with the full engagement of communities around the country.

Delivering any significant project will require community engagement through the different stages of a project, from the initial scoping, feasibility and concept stages, right through construction to the operational phase. The approach and level of engagement should reflect the nature of the project and the potential level of impact that it could have on a community.

Ignoring or poorly managing community concerns can have long-term negative impacts on a community's economic, environmental or social situation.  In addition, not involving communities in the project development process has the potential to impose costly time and financial delays for project promoters, or prevent the realisation of much needed infrastructure and facilities.

Establishing dialogue and building trust within a community can be challenging, but is vitally important for infrastructure providers who should have a long-term interest in the communities in which they operate.

This Code of Practice has the support of the wind energy representative associations and their commitment to implement it. It will be subject to regular review to ensure that is working effectively and the principles contained within it are being adhered to by relevant parties.