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Renewable Electricity Supports

​The current primary support mechanisms for renewable electricity are the REFIT (Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff) schemes. The schemes were designed to provide certainty to renewable electricity generators by providing them with a minimum price for each unit of electricity exported to the grid over a 15 year period.

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REFIT transition to the Integrated-Single Electricity Market (I-SEM)

The 2015 Energy White Paper set out a commitment to "update existing support schemes for renewable energy so that they are compatible with the wholesale electricity market reform."

The new I-SEM arrangements necessitate the existing REFIT support schemes be aligned with the structures and rules of the new market to ensure the scheme continues functioning appropriately.

The Department published Transitioning to I-SEM ( Options Paper) on 23 May 2017 which set out the key considerations for the transition of the existing renewable energy support schemes from the Single Electricity Market to I-SEM. Following a public consultation  the final decision paper was published on 15th June 2018.