​The original REFIT scheme, REFIT 1, was open for applications until 31 December 2009. Under the terms and conditions of the REFIT 1 scheme, plants were to be operational by end 2010. Prior to the introduction of REFIT 2 and REFIT 3 certain projects in REFIT 1 that had not become operational by that deadline were granted extensions in time to specified dates. In August 2012, following the introduction of REFIT 2 and 3, the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment decided that in principle no further requests for extensions would be granted.
The technologies covered in REFIT 1 are small wind (< 5MW), large wind (>5MW), Hydroelectricity and Biomass/Landfill gas. The support is provided for a period of 15 years. Due to delays in grid roll-out for REFIT 1 projects, and with State Aid approval in August 2013, the backstop date for REFIT 1 was extended by two years to 2027.

Please see more information on REFIT 1  Terms and Conditions (PDF 0.4MB)

Please see more information on State Aid Decision (PDF 1MB) for REFIT 1

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