REFIT 2, which succeeded REFIT 1, came into operation in March 2012. It provides for up to 4,000MW of renewable generation. The technologies covered are small wind (< 5MW), large wind (>5MW), Hydroelectricity and Biomass/Landfill gas. The closing date for applications for REFIT 2 is 31 December 2015 at 4pm, with public service obligations to have commenced for projects by 30 September 2018. Support under REFIT 2 cannot exceed 15 years and will not extend beyond the end of December 2032. 

Please see more information on REFIT 2  (Updated 16/11/2015) Terms and Conditions (PDF 0.6MB) 

More information is available in the Refit Change Document (PDF 1MB) 

On 12 January 2012, the European Commission signalled its intention not to raise objections to the REFIT 2 scheme (i.e. state aid clearance to proceed has been received.) In February 2012, the Government approved the introduction of the REFIT 2 scheme.

Please see more information on the State Aid Decision (PDF 1MB) on REFIT 2

March 2019: please see instructions for a Change of PPA provider​.