Supports Available

​The Electric Vehicle Grant Scheme was introduced in April 2011 to incentivise and support the early deployment of EVs in Ireland. Grants of up to €5,000 are available. These grants are in addition to the VRT reliefs of up to €5,000 which apply to EVs.
Further information on the Electric Vehicles Grant Scheme is available on the SEAI website.

EVs are also included on the list of products qualifying for accelerated capital allowances (permits for the write off of the capital costs in year 1 rather than over the traditional 8 year period). In addition, full Battery EVs are also subject to the lowest rate of motor tax.

Budget 2018 introduced a new Benefit in Kind (BIK) 0% rate for Battery EVs . The BIK rules will ensure that there is no BIK liability associated with recharging EVs in workplaces.