Vehicle Recharging

​For a country of our size, we have one of the more comprehensive charge point networks currently in place across Europe. Details of the location of ESB eCars publically accessible charge points can be found at  

An Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant was introduced in early 2018 to assist homeowners install an electric vehicle charge point on their property.  This scheme will provide a grant up to the value of €600 towards the purchase and installation of a home charger unit. The scheme is administered by the SEAI.

This Department, in conjunction with the SEAI, is currently working on how best to support the provision of greater levels of on-street public charging.

Fast Charging Information Note

In order to guide developers in selecting fast charger locations, and to inform evaluations of applications of support, the Department has also issued the following information note which presents a brief needs analysis, based on existing traffic volumes.