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Image of electricity cables

Electricity Infrastructure

The importance of maintaining investment in Ireland’s electricity system

Given the fact that electricity network development projects typically take a number of years to complete, maintaining a steady level of development is important to ensure that the electricity network is fit for purpose in the medium to longer term, and is ready to accommodate an increase in demand as and when required.

It is essential that Ireland can ensure the necessary supply of electricity at all times and in all weather conditions. This requires ongoing investment to maintain and upgrade the electricity network to ensure Ireland’s electricity supply is on a par with the highest international standards.

Improving electrical interconnection

An important way of improving security of electricity supply is to diversify the sources of Ireland’s electricity supply. This includes building the infrastructure necessary to interconnect with neighbouring electricity markets. Increasing the level of interconnection is particularly important for Ireland, given our peripheral location.

Electricity and gas interdependence

With a significant percentage of Ireland’s electricity being generated from gas, there is a critical interdependence between electricity and gas security. Renewable wind energy is an indigenous energy source. However, it is also an intermittent source of power. Therefore, it will remain necessary for gas fired generation to be available at short notice to ensure continuity of supply and the integrity of the electricity grid. This means that Ireland’s reliance on gas for electricity generation is set to remain for the medium to longer term.

EU Measures to Secure Energy Supplies

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