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Image of buring coal

​Home Heating

Coal remains an important solid fuel that is still used in home heating by a certain portion of households.

Smoky Coal Ban

In order to improve air quality, certain areas are banned from burning so-called ‘smoky coal'. For information on the regulations and policy relating to smoky fuel.

Coal fired power

Ireland has a single coal-fired power plant at Moneypoint, Co. Clare which is operated by ESB Power Generation. At 915MW output, it is one of Ireland’s largest power stations. The station was originally built in the 1980s as part of a fuel diversity strategy and was significantly refurbished during the 2000s to make it fit for purpose in terms of environmental regulations and standards. Moneypoint is considered to have a useful life until at least 2025. More information on Moneypoint can be found on the ESB website.

Carbon Tax

The Minister for Finance introduced, with effect from 1 May 2013, a solid fuel carbon tax (SFCT). The Revenue Commissioners have responsibility for administering the tax. It applies to coal and peat and is chargeable per tonne of product. For further information about the SFCT contact the Revenue Commissioners.