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Complaints Procedure

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Making a Complaint

If you have trouble with your bill, your connection or some other issue relating to your gas supply you should first try to resolve the issue with your supplier or network operator.

What you do if your complaint is still not resolved to your satisfaction?

If you are unable to resolve the problem you can contact the Commission for Regulation of Utilities.The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU)  offer an independent complaint resolution service. The CRU can only investigate complaints where a customer has exhausted the complaints processes provided by their supplier or network operator.

The CRU has a statutory responsibility to provide a complaints resolution service. Following investigation the CRU can direct suppliers and network operators to award compensation or to resolve the complaint if the CRU uphold it.  A Customer Care Team has been setup within the CRU to deal to directly with customers who have complaints.

For guidance on how to make a complaint to CRU please visit their website.  You may contact the CRU at the  following address-

Commission for Regulation of Utilities,
The Exchange,
Belgard Square North,

Telephone:   1890 404 404